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  Electrosurgical Units Vessel sealing Systems
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   Touch Screen Display.
   100 Programs.
   Mutiple Modes - 1 Pure Cut, 1 Precise
   Cut, 5 Blend, 3 Endo Cut, 2 Spray, 2
  Fulgurate, 1 Dessicate.
    1 Bi-Cut, 2 Bi-Coag and 1 Seal Mode.
   LCD Display.
   99 Programs Memory.
   Multiple Modes : 4 Monopolar Cut,
  3 Monopolar Coagulation Mode.
   Bipolar Cut, Bipolar Coagulation with
  auto start / auto stop & sealer mode.
    LCD Display.
   23 procedure selection menu.
   Dedicated Sealer machine.
   Having 2 sealer mode & 2
  Bipolar Modes.
   7segment LED Display.
   Dedicated Sealer machine.
   Having 2 sealer modes & 3
      Bipolar Modes.


Features :

Enertech Vessel Sealing System gives you something that no other electrosurgical tool can-permanent vessel occlusion. This revolutionary technology replaces almost all other hemostatic tools because it doesn't just ligate vessels, it actually fuses vessel walls to create a permanent seal.

Lowest Lateral Spread and safer and white seal
The premium quality of machine and instruments ensures that the system offer lowest lateral spread, causing
  less thermal spread and causing lower levels of charring and dessication.
This also ensures a better quality white seal, and least damage to tissue with faster recovery.



Best In Class Sealing Performance
Enertech systems offers best in class performance with superior sealing quality at lower and optimum power
  and thermal levels. 
The seals are safer, more white, stronger and easy to  dissects.



Real Time Tissue Impedance Measurement With Auto - Stop
During the the sealing process, the Impedance of the tissue changes.
The machine constantly adjusts and changes the power delivery waveform in direct accordance to this change in
  tissue impedance and stop power delivery automatically on reaching at a pre-determined optimum end - point.
The power delivery ends with a stop in audible sound indicating that the sealing has been successfully achieved.



Other Features :  
  Dual Functionality Advantage :
  Take advantage of vessel sealing function with other advantage of top end electro surgical units combine. The same systems performs procedures like hysterectomy along with other regular under water surgeries and those requiring Endo - cut functionality. These features are available in Maxseal and Fast Seal Plus Models.
  Across the range, Enertech Vessel Sealing technolgy delivers a unique combination of pressure and energy to create a consistent seal with each application :-
Shorter operating time - save almost upto 75% operation Time.
Permanently fuses vessels upto and including 7mm diameter and tissue bundles without dessication or isolation.
Faster and safer patient recovery.
Seals withstand 3 times normal systolic blood pressure.
Uses bodies own collagen, no requirement to insert foreign material into patient body which can cause complications.
Feedback controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal is complete, eliminating the guess work.
  Each of the devices comprises with high power and low voltage bipolar mode and specialist instruments that combine tissue compression with tissue heating to produce hemostasis in vein or a bundle of tissue.
  The Product is delivered through a variety of Instruments for use in both laparoscopic and open procedures in a range of surgical specialties, including gynecological, colorectal, urology and general surgery.


     Vessel Sealing Instruments :


Laparoscopy Surgery Instruments :
Open Surgery Instruments :
Reusable 5.5 MM Laparoscopy Instrument
( With Changable Insert )
Reusable 5.0 MM Laparoscopy Instrument
( With Fixed Insert )
Reusable Biclamp

Figure : 1


Figure : 2

The above example shows 2 parallel sealing action performed on tissue bundle.As can be seen the sealing process changes the nature of the tissue.

The sealed tissue bundle shown in fig. 1 is simply cut off with a pair of surgical scissors, with out any additional ligatures or clips.


     Standard Accessories :


Monopolar Double Pedel Footswitch
/ Bipolar Single Pedel Footswitch
Patient Plate With Cable Cord Autoclavable
Silicon Patient Plate ( Optional )
Chuk Handle With Electrode Autoclavable
Disposible Hand Switch Pencil Imported
Bipolar Forcep Autoclavable With Cable


Sealer Selection Guide :



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